Cyndy is a professional video producer who coaches people to create videos
that grow their business. Clients: Beautycounter, Refill Room, life coaches, speakers + Hallmark, TLC, Audible, Marriott and lots more.
Cyndy loves doing standup comedy in bed during the pandemic.

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Demo Reel: Sizzler Extravaganza

Cyndy whoops it up on stage and TV about making life a joyride.

Meet Cyndy!

With fun, humor, and sass, Cyndy encourages women to make life a joyriding adventure—including the bumps along the way.

Cyndy is a practitioner of finding joy. She is a wife, a mom, a hugger. A few years ago, Cyndy was nicknamed “The Whoopie Queen,” by the mayor of her town for her fantabulous homemade whoopie pies. When someone thought he was calling her a “tart,” Cyndy didn’t want to disappoint and put on a sparkly tube top which started her comedy endeavors. The nickname stuck and has become a trademark.

The plan was to sell whoopie pies at Whole Foods but after baking for long, horrendous hours in a commercial kitchen, Cyndy realized that she missed being with people. What she really wanted was to help people find their own whoopee and tap into their joy. She did more comedy. She went on the news to promote a comedy show she was producing. They asked her to come back and give life advice. Clearly, they’ll hire anyone in the news these days. Cyndy ended up getting a CAPP, certification in applied positive psychology. She continues to do comedy and produce television content for companies like FX, Hallmark Channel, and Consumer Reports with lots of other clients in the entertainment industry and various companies both big and small.