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Cyndy Cecil

Cyndy Cecil

January 5, 2016

Happy new year glitter

Why do so many people make resolutions?  Will it make them happier?  Create lasting joy? What is the difference between joy and happiness, anyhoo?!  Some say “happiness” is generally determined by an outward force (a raise, a new car, the hope for something), while joy is a internal lasting emotional condition.  Happiness is like rising bubbles — delightful and inevitably fleeting. Joy is the oxygen — ever present. — Danielle LePort  I’ve joked that I have so much joy I would find a way to be joyful in prison.  I hope I don’t have to ever test that one!  However, life has hit me upside the head to see if I really walk my talk.

We are renovating our kitchen and while at a countertop warehouse in early December, a giant marble slap crashed into the back of my head.  How does this happen?   Imagine a massive indoor facility, tons of slabs of marble/granite/quartz lined up in aisles.  A giant crane from above the warehouse rafters moves slabs from one location to another.  For some reason, the crane operator didn’t see me and as I was walking down an aisle, all of a sudden, BOOM!, a slab rams into the back of my skull.  It was the hardest I had ever been hit.  I felt dizzy, was scared, was in shock, went for a exam, diagnosed with a concussion, had nausea, slept all weekend, have been irritable, have tingling in my left hand when I sleep, can’t find the word for things, several noises at one time = super stress.  It’s been over a month and the symptoms continue.  Doctors tell me that is how it is with a concussion.  Damn!

WheneNeck Bracever the Universe throws me a zinger like this, it means I have a big lesson to learn.  I guess I’m hard headed.  In an effort to try to make things better, and since it was the holiday season, I bedazzled my neck brace with a feather boa and sparkly jewels.   I was at a Christmas gathering and a guy came up to me and said, “Geez Cyndy, your scarf looks like a brace.”  I shoulda wacked him upside the head.

There is still much to learn.  I’ve been having meetings with myself to explore a higher meaning.  Maybe it was just an accident.  Or maybe I can make a comedy bit.  Or maybe I can learn something.

Marble or any other beautiful stone is a work of art, cut from the Earth, often used for the beautification in our homes.   It took years and years for the planet to add minerals, harden, form, settle and create that work of art.   Stone has imperfections, veins, variations.  Yeah, I got hit on the head by a stone slab and hit on the head that life is imperfect and authentic and beautiful.   My lesson is that as much as I try to make things perfect, it never will be.  As much as I want to appear “polished,” I’m just a rough work in progress.  As much as I want to bedazzle, being authentic and messy, and true is reality.  It’s enough to make this hillbilly put on her sequined overalls and do a jig.

I want to explore real joy, that deeply spiritual connection to something greater and grander and fabulous and humorous and resolute and true.  AND I want help and collaboration and community while I’m on this ride.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.49.14 PM

Tell me about how you turned a tough situation around, what you do to stay joyful, or what keeps you feeling good?  How did you shake a bad mood – with a meeting with yourself, a venting of emotion?  Do you meditate to get answers for life decisions?  Do you power pose, yoga pose?  Do you do comedy?  Do you make stuff, write stories, sing?  Do you run, lift weights?  Do you volunteer?  Do you have a spiritual practice?  Do you sprinkle random acts of kindness?  How do you express your own special brand of whoopie in the world to stay joyful? 

Submit your story via email to:

You can use your real name OR a pseudonym. 

Put JOYRIDE in the subject please. 

Select stories will be used to inspire others on social media, the whoopitupblog, and/or in an upcoming book.

Cyndy Whoopie PIe Playground INVITE

Resolve to add joy to your world.  Humor and laughter are a tangible way.  Charlie Chaplin said a day without laughter is a day wasted.  Humor has even been shown to help us live longer!  In a Norwegian study, cancer patients who claimed they had a “sense of humor” lived 7 years longer than those who said they didn’t have a sense of humor. Scientific studies have also shown that humor makes us more resilient. Our cells change when we laugh. Laughter requires an increase in oxygen which diffuses stress.

Here are some ways to add some humor to your life, no matter what is going on:

1. Play – Up your joy quotient with a little silliness.  “The opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression.” – Dr. Stuart Brown

• Host a game night. • Hang out with some kids.  A five year old laughs 300 times a day while the average adult laughs only 17 times/day.  •  Go out dancing or take a dance lesson. • Pretend you are doing research and try 5 different types of a food you’ve wanted to compare – chocolate, cheese, fruit, alcohol. Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.”    • Power Pose like a super hero before a difficult situation. It boosts confidence and you’ll laugh while you’re standing like Wonder Woman. More on that subject in Amy Cuddy’s book Presence.

2. Take a tough situation and turn it into an adventure with an outrageous bent for you to be the hero.

Think, how can I add some fun to this experience?   A few years ago I was so bored with the monotony of the suburbs, I was spinning out of control and threw a shopping cart down the Target escalator. (Ok, there’s more to that story but you see what I did there?) Or have you heard the tale of how I got my husband? Broke both my legs! And there’s the time I was worried that all my hillbilly relatives wouldn’t have all their teeth in to meet my fiancé so I distracted everyone with a pet monkey in a diaper.

3. Add humor to your life in lots of ways:

• Read a funny book. Read any book by David Sedaris, or Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson will have you laughing out loud! • Look in the mirror and make silly faces (yes, this works). It’s scientifically proven! • Spend a night (or two) at your local comedy club. • Watch The Mindy Project, Catastrophe on Amazon Prime, the movie Man Up. • Hang out with funny friends. You know who they are. • Fake it. Apparently fake laughter has the same benefits. • Watch some physical comedy. (Thanks KP for sending this to me on my b’day!)


Cyndy Bragg, The Whoopie Queen

Cyndy Cecil

Cyndy Cecil


  1. Steve

    My Twitter Id is @LeoMcGirr

    As a kid, I worked on a farm back in Ireland milking 60 cows twice a day. Lesson No. 1 on what to do, was given to me by the (not so nice) Farm Manager who told me I must NEVER get between the Cow and the Wall of the Milking Parlour, on pain of potential death …..

    I discovered that day how smart Cows are (basically like dogs, only larger, and somewhat messier …. ), but ‘anyhoo’ !

    I could see the creatures ears lift when the man gave me his safety warning

    The Cows foot trod on a vacuum line, and the milking equipment fell off its udder. The Farm Manager leaned down to the left of the Cow to pick it up, at which the Cow simply leaned over, neatly trapping and squeezing the guy against the wall.

    Right then, I could hear something like the sound of air being squeezed out of a tyre or balloon. Not much I could do really (not having been trained in CowKwondo)

    After a short time, the Cow looked back at me (I swear it winked), chewed a couple of times, snorted, and stood upright to release the squished person (who promptly breathed in, blushed intensely, and got away from there as quickly as he could)

    Me and the Cow got on just fine after that. I still laugh about it decades later, and I’m sure if cows can smile then this one did a whole lot of it.

    The Farm Manager got his own back on me. At the end of my 6 weeks, he withheld all my pay, claiming I was still in training, so not due to get anything.

    The Cow had the right idea about this guy all along. Who says animals are dumb

    • Cyndy Bragg

      Hi Steve Martin UK! I love Brits. Thanks for sharing this story. I now have cow love!


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