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Cyndy Cecil

Cyndy Cecil

May 6, 2015

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My mom was at death’s door last December.  Her colon had burst, she was septic, and fighting the good fight.  I was afraid I was going to lose her.  My mom is the sweetest, most patient person I know.  Losing her would be like losing a part of me.

The first night in the hospital was horrific with tubes everywhere, screams of pain and all I could do was put a cold cloth on her forehead.  Just as she got to sleep in the middle of the night, a nurse barged into the room and asked for my mom’s living will.  That is when my “bad mutha” persona came out.  That nurse wished she had her own living will after I gave her the what for.

One Bad Muthr

Jib jab has some fun mother’s day cards and videos!!!!

I learned how to stand up for my people from my own bad mutha.  When I was 10 years old, a neighborhood boy relentlessly taunted me for doing girl chores and for running like a girl and for basically being a girl.  One day he was badgering as I was sweeping the grass cuttings off the driveway, and I hit him over the head with the broom.  His mom stomped over to our house to report the “violence” and my mom said, “I don’t blame her.”  She said I should not have hit him but that words matter and he is not allowed to pick on me anymore.  That day when she stood up for me elevated her to badass status.

My mom just had another surgery and is recovering.  As I thank the heavens for my mom, especially sweet this mother’s day, I think about the things that make her bad ass.  She is not tough but yet she it.  She is not crass but yet she tells it like it is.  She is not overly concerned with what people think but she thinks about other people.

Here’s to all the bad muthas… May we know them, love them, be them, raise them!  Below are some things I’ve learned that make someone one bad mutha, whether they have kids or not.

•  Embrace the “Bad Housekeeping Seal of Approval.”  Love me, love my dust bunnies.  Who has time to be super clean?  And anyway, super neat freaks are not happy anyway.  Ask ’em!

housekeeping•  Say NO to dregs.  Dregs are the things you really don’t want to do like volunteer for a fundraiser when the people organizing it are downers and they criticize what people contribute.  If you don’t feel a 7 or higher on the scale of 1-10, don’t do it.  Have a tough time saying NO?  Watch this segment that shows how to use the line, “It’s just not going to work.”  Thank you Brooks for teaching it to me.

•  Date yourself.  Would you go out with yourself?

Are you someone nice to be around or are you a bitch?  If I’m a bitch to my man, we won’t be having sex for a while.  I lost my vagina once and don’t want to lose it again.  SO when I am a raging bitch, I have to ask myself, what is up with ME and make a change.

Are you taking care of your health?  Working out?  Managing stress?

Are you having fun?  Do you laugh, enjoy time with friends, do new things?

•  Self love it up.  We can’t fill up others cups unless ours is running over.  Basic math.  Or basic spirit math.  Anyhoo, get the mani/pedi, take time for tennis lesson, go out with friends.  Recharge the batteries.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Bonus: If you’re in the kitchen or running errands, check out this podcast interview from Motivating Other Moms (M.O.M.).  I share how dropping a shopping cart down an escalator changed the course of my life, how some mean girl behavior put me on the road to comedy, and tips for living large as a mom.

4 Moms Who Rocked Momhood.  Which one are you most like?

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Cyndy Cecil

Cyndy Cecil


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