Speaking & Workshops

Have Cyndy speak at your next event, retreat, workshop, or fundraiser.

With humor and positive psychology tools, Cyndy entertains as she lights paths to life fulfillment. She’s spoken to women’s groups from Washington, DC to Sonoma, CA on such topics as overcoming obstacles, being happier at work and making your own luck.

Involving her audience in experiential exercises, Cyndy demonstrates practical, scientific ways to increase happiness. For further interactivity or ice breaking, can incorporate great improv games into your events. Smiles and “aha moments” are standard fare at Cyndy’s talks.

What they’re saying about Cyndy…

“Cyndy added an incredible dynamic to our G3 conference experience. Her energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly, her message had participants on the edge of their seats with laughter and created a safe, trustworthy space to look inward and think about our own “wow.” Her unique and powerful approach to facilitation is engaging and fun! We can’t wait to have her at our next conference.”

~ Piper Abodeely, Co-founder, G3 Women’s Conference

“I attended the webinar ‘Get Down with Your Inner Critic.’ Cyndy’s positive energy was just what I needed. The examples she used really spoke to me as a professional woman facing challenges over the course of my career and in every day life. I’m already putting the tools she provided to good use. So if you hear me talking to myself, don’t think I’m crazy—I’m just telling that negative roommate in my head to hush and leave me alone!”

~ Jen Straw, Femfessionals Baltimore President

“Engaging. Interactive. Entertaining. And oh so so so much fun… When former president of the local Femfessionals chapter, it was an honor to have Cyndy speak at one of our meetings. Her scintillating personality illuminated the room. Within minutes members were in a fit of giggles, the perfect way to spend an evening after a long day at the office. The talk was “How to Increase your Luck” – an answer we’re all looking for. Fabulously clever, smart and empowering, we loved her so much we had to have her back to open our Anniversary event on “Overcoming Obstacles” at Georgetown University. Her interactive audience activities created instant connections and set everyone at ease. Cyndy is the positive force of energy you need to make your event sparkle + dance! BRAVA!!!”

~ Kristina Krawchuk, Media Genie

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Get Down with Your Inner Critic
  • Make Your Own Luck
  • How to be a Happy at Work
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Create Good Fortune in Your Life
  • Superpowers/Superstrengths

Workshops Include:

  • Kick Your Inner Critic to the Curb
  • Get Unstuck
  • Hug Drop & Roll for Happiness – comedy and workshop
  • Train Your Brain for Success – 4 week session
  • Get Down with Your Inner Critic
  • Be Happier at Work
  • Humor as a Coping Mechanism
  • Makin’ Whoopie like a Muthr
  • Make Your Own Luck in Life