Always Wear Your Invisible Crown & Be The Queen of Your Life

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Cyndy Cecil

Cyndy Cecil

May 20, 2015

invisiblecrown*It’s Tiara Day on May 24  but let’s celebrate all week.  Whether you fancy placing a bejeweled crown on your head or wearing an imaginary one, find out how to work it from this TV appearance, BE THE QUEEN OF YOUR LIFE by The Whoopie Queen Cyndy Bragg.

  • “Your life is the red carpet.”
  • “Do the queen’s walk – walk like your chest is turning the corner a block ahead of you.”
  • ” If you treat yourself like royalty, other people follow suit.”
  • “Royalty is a state of mind.”   
  •  Reign using the word “NO.”  A few softer versions – It’s just not going to work.  Not right now.
  • A handshake that rules is slow and steady.  People feel more connected to you.
  • Have a blast at least once a week!  “If you’re not having, you’re doing something wrong.”  Groucho Marx

Always wear a crown, real or imaginary!


Cyndy Cecil

Cyndy Cecil


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